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Irrigation System Estimate Free Quote

Free Estimate Sprinkler System

Submit us your outdoor landscape plans or drawings now using the below email address. We will than calculate the price for all parts and materials you will need to perform the installation yourself. Maximize your chances to have the best Do-It-Yourself Irrigation System.

Let us build the list of all the parts you will need to build your own automatic sprinkler system for your garden and landscape. Your grass will never be so GREEN!

Please follow this procedure to get your free price quote :

  1.  Include your plans, map or drawings of your landscape in attachment to the email address (PDF file, Jpeg etc)
  2. Tell us more about the water supply possibilities. Dedicated 3/4in plumbing? Existing exterior faucet?
  3. Tell us more about what is your primary objective. Budget? Quality Price? or High Quality / Top of the line
  4. Is there something (like a vegetables garden, cedars trees) that you want to water completely separately, on a separate zone?
  5. We will then take the time to review all the information, and submit your total price
  6. If the quote is approved, we will create the list of items and build a package in our custom orders section for purchase
  7. The list of materials, parts, tools required to perform the installation will be included with the delivery of all orders
  8. Our team will also map the position of your sprinklers on your plans and drawings, each colors will represent a zone

Then, you will be all setup to perform the Do-it-Yourself installation of your automatic sprinkler system

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