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Valves Irrigation

Irrigation System Electric Valves with AC 24 volts Solenoid

To have a complete automatic sprinkler system, you absolutely need a setup of electric 24 volts valves with solenoid to control the opening and closing sequence of the sprinkler zone itself. Each manufacturers have their own products with their very own specifications except that they all work on the same principals. You can mix match brands of valves when doing repairs and it doesn't change a thing.

Traditional irrigation valves are built in durable plastic composites and definitely built to last in tough and dirty conditions. For residential systems we always recommend to use 1" versions to allow more flow and pressure through the system. 1" valves are simply the standard in the industry and parts for replacements and repairs are easier to find. We use in-line adapters and reducers from 1" threaded to 3/4" insert to build residential systems in 3/4" pipe. Main water lines can be built in 3/4" or in 1" if flow is over 12 GPM* or if you have to run long distances to keep the flow and pressure steady.

*most cities don't have over 12 GPM and offer less than 75 PSI. This is why most residential systems are built in 3/4" pipe and fittings except for the valves.

These devices are normally installed outside in a protective plastic box and cover adjusted to the same level of the ground to hide it. These valve boxes are available in round or rectangular shapes and in different sizes from 6" to more than 24" wide. See available models in our valve boxes section here.

These are the most trusted valves available for home and residential sprinklel systems

Electric Valves with Pressure Regulators


vanne electrique regulateur debit

These valves have the same functions than other residential products except that they feature a regulator to adjust to the desired pressure or flow level. You can easily adjust the amount of water going through the valve by using the manivel on top. These types of valves are also available in commercial applications depending on manufacturers.
Commercial Grade Irrigation Valves
Available in 1" 1.5" and 2" diameters (some manufacturers have products in 1.25"), these models are necessary to water larger landscapes. The 2" version can allow up to 150GPM through the system and are perfect for golf courses, parks and more.
hunter vanne irrigation commerciale
Manual Valves, Ball Valves
vanne a bille mauelle

Mainly used to build manual irrigation systems, you can use these valves in many scenarios. Building a manual sprinkler system is cheaper of course but needs a human interaction every time to open and close the zone.

These valves can be used to make a shut off to the main water line for protection or repair purposes.



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